Summer Camp

Peppertree School’s Summer Fun Camp Program is designed with your family’s needs in mind. We encourage parents to allow their children a time set aside for socialization, learning, and just plain fun! Our program is designed so you can pick your weeks and number of days and schedule around your family vacations, so you don’t pay when your child’s not scheduled.

Each week is a different theme where kids can decorate their classrooms, learn about the theme, and go on field trips related to the theme. We also incorporate light academics into our schoolage program. There will be at least one inhome field trip per week for 24 year olds and two to four for 59
year olds. Bring a nutritious bag lunch with a drink, and we will provide nutritious snacks and drinks before and after lunch. We encourage our enrolled parents to drop by anytime and even go with us on field trips! There are two Peppertree hosted BBQs for all families to come enjoy a fun lunch with their kids. In the afternoons, we team with CityWide Aquatics and their certified swim instructors to offer professional swim lessons locally; transportation is provided.