Our Toddler program (1-2 years) is located at the Ranch House and has been set up specifically to meet the delicate needs of precious tiny ones. We work closely with our parents to make sure these needs are met on a daily basis. Our infants are surrounded by qualified staff who love babies and an enriching, soft environment where they can explore, play, learn, and develop safely. They also have a well balanced, age appropriate schedule, which includes indoor and outdoor time. We have a 1 to 4 teacher to child ratio, which allows plenty of one on one loving attention. Each day you will receive a report that gives you details of your child’s day (eating, sleeping, diapering, activities, etc.).

Children’s lunches are brought from home (labeled lunch box or bag). Peppertree provides a light early morning breakfast (between 7:00 & 7:45), arrival time snack (8:15 & 8:35), mid-morning (10:00 & 10:30), and a mid-afternoon snack (2:30 & 3:00). There is also a 4:00 snack where the child eats what is left in their lunchbox and if empty, is offered a snack from Peppertree. All our snacks are fresh and nutritious and are posted daily in the kitchen. Please let us know in advance if you child has any allergies. Snack and lunch times are excellent opportunities for a child to practice good cooperation, manners, taking turns and passing, pouring their own water/juice, and other socialization.

We offer a two hour, midday nap to all of our toddlers and preschool children (toddlers may sleep extra if needed). Our infants sleep according to their own needs. Peppertree provides comfy mats, which are sanitized after each use. Infants and Toddlers are provided with cribs, comfy mats and crib sheets, but will need a labeled blanket from home. Toddlers (and older) are allowed to bring a comfort item (stuffed animal) from home to sleep with, if needed. Ages 2 and up need to bring their own bedding from home (either a crib sheet, blanket and small pillow or sleeping bag and small pillow all kept inside a pillowcase). Older children and children who consistently don’t nap, are required to rest for 30 minutes allowing them to fall asleep, if needed.

Potty Training

Potty Training is available for children of any age. Peppertree provides all diapers, gloves, wipes, and pull-ups for diapering and potty training your child. There is an extra monthly charge for this service. Working with the parents when potty training a child is important so that the child has consistency and is experiencing the same at school as well as at home. The staff is very gentle and patient, and understands that this process happens only when the child is ready. We have videos and books to help make this process as enjoyable as possible. Once the child is completely potty trained (the child verbalizes the need to go to the bathroom, wears underwear, and has only an occasional accident), you will no longer be charged the additional service fee.

Contact us to Learn More:

Phone: (408) 626-9200

Be sure to let us know the following:

  • Your name and phone number
  • Age of your child(ren)
  • Is he/she potty trained (not required for enrollment)
  • How many days a week (anywhere from 25 days)
  • What time you plan on picking up (noon, 2:30pm, or anytime after that until 6:00pm)
  • When you would like your child to start attending classes