The philosophy of Peppertree Schools of Los Gatos is that our children’s concepts of self, individuality, independence, and confidence are first developed at home with family, then school, and then in their community. Our loving staff excels in implementing ways of developing and strengthening these areas in our students. Teaching the children about the values of patience, compassion, understanding and forgiveness help our children build stronger relationships as well as reduce frustration and aggression between classmates. With their teachers’ help our students learn how to effectively communicate with each other and learn the importance and impact words can have. It is extremely rewarding to watch two children engaged in conversation when they have been taught respectful ways to communicate with each other for optimum results.

Our combined academic and developmental teaching approach has proven to be the most effective way for our highly educated staff to inspire their students to advanced levels of learning. This enables our students to receive a greater academic base without dismissing the importance of creativity and individual expression through art, drama, music, exploration, and free play. This solid foundation leads to future successes in school and throughout life.

We encourage our families to get involved with their child’s development, education and school experiences. Peppertree provides many resources and opportunities for increasing family involvement, which enhances the sense of security and support in the students: the sense that family, school and community are working together as a team for their benefit.

Providing a comfortable setting where cultural diversity is respected and honored is so important in the family, school and community concept. Peppertree welcomes a culturally diverse teaching team as well as student base. We enjoy learning about each other’s cultures, languages, and holidays. We celebrate different cultures all throughout the year and at our Winter Pageant with a multicultural potluck in December.

We believe that a balanced approach to education is the most fun for children, and happy children are more receptive to learning.

Our mission is to tie family, school & community together in a warm, nurturing and multicultural environment where our students and their families feel comfortable and connected. Our balanced teaching and individual attention, which fosters high self-esteem and a deep love of learning, will enable our students to perform at their fullest potential in the life journey that awaits them.