Our 18-month-old daughter has been going to the toddler room at Peppertree for a few months and I can say that I’ve been very impressed with the level of care and the overall quality of the facility. We looked at a few different places in the area and were ultimately the most impressed with Peppertree because they always seemed to have a good group of kids at every age group and the teachers are really engaged with them. If you look at their schedule of activities for each month, it’s a really fun way of keeping them engaged. We’re always surprised when she comes home singing new songs. That said, we had similar experiences with the initial follow-up and other problems getting in touch with the right people. It was a little frustrating but it in no way reflects how the school operates as an organization. When it comes to the day-to-day care, they are extremely diligent and quick to respond. They caught our daughter’s Hand Foot and Mouth disease within minutes of us dropping her off and it’s something that would’ve baffled us for a long time if we were just working with a nanny or watching her ourselves. We only really know the toddler room but it’s also great to see a lot of the ethnic diversity that makes this neighborhood so great. I love that our daughter’s first group of friends isn’t completely homogenous. Overall, we really like Peppertree and wouldn’t hesitate to send another child to the school.
Peter I.
Child age 1

Our family experience at Peppertree in a word… Wonderful! I was very apprehensive to even put my children in daycare but I am a working mom and have some Nanny help at home. When my twin girls turned 2 I put them in 2 full days a week at Peppertree, a huge change in our lives and a scary one. The staff at Peppertree are professionals at what they do. They have an excellent balance of caring and support but also keep order and balance within the school and classroom. There is a good amount of play time, art projects, and music. My twin girls often talk about the teachers and things they do in school. They enjoy going those 2 days and have learned their ABCs, they have learned to share and interact. The socialization skills they have developed in a year are amazing. I am so happy that we found Peppertree and the great staff that work there. There is not one member of the staff that I wouldn’t trust with my children. They are like an extension of our family.
Twins age 3

As a parent of a special needs child, I was looking for a school in which to integrate my son with “typical” children a few hours a week. After being turned down by several schools in the area, Peppertree welcomed and embraced us! The staff and the children here are without exception, warm, loving, and generous. It is a joy for us every time we walk in the door. My son is truly gaining from our experience at Peppertree!
Child age 4

During the 3 years that our child attended Peppertree School, she developed many skills to take her first steps into kindergarten. We feel she has adjusted well due to the preparation through Peppertree School. Danna, and the teachers she hires, create a loving, caring, and fun learning and understanding environment where there are many extracurricular activities for the children to learn in many different ways. Danna’s understanding of both children and teachers reflect upon the quality of the school as a whole. Our family has experienced a positive relationship with Danna and the teachers. Our school age child continues at Peppertree School even though we don’t need the after school care. We feel she had a fun time learning with the teachers and the kids.
Child age 5

Peppertree School is Amanda’s first experience with daycare. She had a rough start as she experienced separation anxiety, and she missed her mommy and daddy! With each week that passed, things got easier and we gradually began to see a positive change in our little sweetheart! First she became quite the little �Chatty Cathy�. Next came her beautiful artwork (what a great little artist she�s become). And last but not least, she�e’s really r nenjoyuing ew friends and teachers.
Child Age 9 months

Our family really loves Peppertree School. My husband even says we should be praying for their well being everyday. This came after several occasions when school staff showed more consideration than we can possibly expect. This all comes on top of all staff members being very good, experienced, positive, and all the good you can say about a school.
Child age 7

We have found Peppertree to be a cozy, friendly, and dependable environment. Coming from a home daycare, our 4 year old son had a relatively smooth transition into the pre-k program. We’re happy with the pre-k teacher, Ms. Kavitha, who has been instrumental in teaching our son to write his name, letters of the alphabet and numbers, even the Presidents. The school is a few blocks from our home and the hours have been convenient.
Child age 4

Our kids love going to school at peppertree! They enjoy learning in a fun atmosphere. The teachers are all very loving to the kids. The staff works hard to meet our needs as a family and we really appreciate them.
Children ages 3 & 5

Jason’s’ first experience at preschool was a positive one. The staff at Peppertree really helped in making a smooth transition from daycare to preschool. There’s nothing better than seeing a child come home with a smile on their face. Thanks again!
Child age 4

Our daughter always enjoys her day at Peppertree. She always impresses us with what she learns there, both academically and socially. That says to me that the staff is incredible. Oh, and there’s tons of love there, too!
Child age 3″

Our 5 year old twins started going to Peppertree when they were 21/2 and it was just what they needed. They have learned great social skills and the preschool program at Peppertree gives them the skills they needed to go into kindergarten. It has been a great experience for the whole family.
Twins age 5

Peppertree provides wonderful learning and playing experiences. I especially enjoy the arts and crafts that our daughter brings home. The instructors are kind, creative, and always eager to tell you how your child is doing and about little things that they did during the day.
Child age 2

The thing that most appealed to me when I visited Peppertree was their flexibility (i.e. times and days of programs). After attending the school for 1 1/2 years we’ve realized how much more they offer. I truly appreciate the kindness and respect they show the children and teach them to show each other. The staff incorporates fun into everything the children learn. I also like the family atmosphere. Everyone knows everyone’s names (teachers, students, and parents). The teachers at Peppertree take ownership in making your child the best he/she can be.
Traci and Kamal
Child age 3

My daughter has had a great experience at Peppertree. She loves all of the projects she gets to participate in and all of her friends she has made. She has also learned many things since she started here.
Child age 4

Since starting the school, Patricia has become more active and has more self-initiative. She likes to go to school and is always very happy when she returns.
Child age 2

Our children are happy to go to school at Peppertree. It is easy to join right in, as the teachers are warm and caring. They are a happy family, planning lots of activities and giving 100%.
4 Children ages 3, 4, 5, & 6

This school is the perfect environment for children to learn and grow. We were very impressed with the space and play grounds inside the school. The teachers are just wonderful and the number of activities are really great!
Child age 5